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If You Want to Build a Better Business, Get Rid of Your Customers

That is, get rid of your worst customers. Your worst customers are the ones who are price-sensitive, rather than value-conscious. What’s the difference? Price-sensitive customers buy based on who offers the lowest price for what they believe are comparable goods and services. They very often buy at the lowest price at the cost of quality, features,… Full Story >>>

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A business Tip from Thomas Edison

In the baseball movie Field of Dreams, the main character, Ray Kinsella, hears a voice in his cornfield tell him, “If you build it, he will come.” He becomes convinced that he should build a baseball field in the middle of a remote corn field. Shortly thereafter, the ghosts of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the… Full Story >>>

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What are YOU Willing to Fight for?

Last Monday I was really sweating it out. The colleagues of my mastermind group, all top entrepreneurs, had me on the grill. I had just finished telling them the UnReasonablegoals my two companies were going to achieve in 2011. And they weren’t buying it. One member of our group, Michael Margolis of Get Storied and the “Dean… Full Story >>>

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