Dreams and Imagination: A Call to Action for Entrepreneurs

Dreams and Imagination.
Looking beyond what’s before your eyes.
We can’t do without the help of each others’ dreams and imagination.

– from the theme song of Instinct: A Musical Call to Action

In 2008, the students and staff of the Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts conceived of, wrote, and composed a musical called Instinct: A Musical Call to Action. In this musical, the animals of the planet see a message in the sky from Mother Nature. Inspired to take action to save the earth from impending doom, the animals place the entire human race on trial for the damage and devastation we’ve inflicted upon the earth. After hearing testimonies from a variety of animal species, humans are found guilty as charged. Subsequently, the entire human race is sentenced to be eradicated “dino-style.”

From here, the description directly from the Lovewell blog says it best: “But before such a plan can be enacted, a quiet observer throughout the court hearing, a unicorn, stands up as the embodiment of the one saving grace of the human race: “Dreams and Imagination.” Not only are humans capable of major destruction, but also wondrous creation. In light of this, the animals decide to give humans a second chance.”

If you’re intrigued, take a look and listen to this video, The Dreams and Imagination Project (which features the theme song from the musical, Instinct.

And if you’re touched and inspired like I was after watching this, then go to the blog post to read my commentary about the message from this body of work. And please feel free to leave your comments as well!

Here’s the link to the video again.

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  1. George Huang says

    “Not only are humans capable of major destruction, but also wondrous creation.” Isn’t that the essence of entrepreneurship? Just as we choose between chocolate and vanilla ice cream, we get to choose between creation and destruction. As entrepreneurs, I believe it’s our individual and collective responsibility to rise to the challenges we face in our daily lives while addressing the issues we face as on a larger scale.

    Looking beyond what’s before your eyes. Entrepreneurs excel at conceiving of solutions to problems and issues for which none currently exist. We live for that spark of insight and inspiration that leads to innovation. It’s that very spark that allows us to expand our minds beyond current limitations. In this time of rapid change, it’s imperative that we challenge our current limits about what we believe is possible for ourselves and for future generations to come.

    We can’t do without the help of each others’ dreams and imagination. We’ve entered a new era of consciousness, connection, collaboration, and contribution. Instead of protecting your turf, your material, your property, what might be possible when we share our collective insight, intellectual capital in a trusting, collaborative environment?

    “…the animals decide to give humans a second chance.” Imagine this: What if your life were over now, but you’ve just been given a second chance? Moving forward, what would you do differently in your life? In your business?

    For me, I wouldn’t give a second thought to anything from my past that I feel the slightest guilt, shame, or regret about. I’d be grateful to get a second chance to let anything from my past slow me down by even a nanosecond.

    I’d take more chances. Not the daredevil kind, like walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. Rather, I’d listen to and follow my instinct more thoroughly, not worrying, even at a sub-atomic level, about being afraid to not only fail, but looking foolish and utterly incompetent along the way; I just wouldn’t give a care about what others thought of me, of trying to “look good,” or acting like I’ve got it all handled.

    And I’d go all out, playing a bigger game than I’ve played already. That means going for lasting contribution and impact that is beyond what I can make by myself.

    And finally, I’d tie up all the loose ends I could left over from my “first chance” at life. That means connecting or re-connecting with people who have meant something to me, those who have contributed to my life, including those who have caused me pain or harm.

    • George Huang says

      I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

      It’s certainly worth replaying from time to time. And you can get the song from iTunes as well!


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