The Freedom Accelerator Pack

Program: The Freedom Accelerator Pack

Get Your Complimentary Freedom Accelerator Pack Today and Start Accelerating Toward Greater Freedom, Contribution, and Prosperity

If you want to take your business to unprecedented levels of success, you’ll want to embrace the mindset of the Freedompreneuer. When you do, you’ll accelerate toward another level of freedom in your business and life, your ability to lead and contribute to others, and your level of prosperity — all with greater purpose, passion, and power.

In my work with private clients spanning the globe, I’ve found particular principles of success that I end up referring to, over and over again. Once I recognized this pattern, I realized how helpful it would be to bundle these up in one place — the Freedom Accelerator Pack.

As my gift to you, here’s what you’ll get in the Freedom Accelerator Pack:

  • AUDIO: The Freedompreneur Mindset
  • VIDEO: The Revenue Ratchet
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Abandon Your Business Plan…If You Want to Take It to the Next Level
  • SPECIAL REPORT: How the Sinking of a Great Battleship Can Help Make Your Business Better
  • EZINE: The Freedompreneur Flight Plan

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Here are the details on exactly what you’ll get:

AUDIO: The Freedompreneur Mindset

A ‘freedompreneur’ is a special breed of entrepreneur. And, a freedompreneur’s mindset is distinct from that of the typical entrepreneur.

A freedompreneur is someone who’s greatest motivation for being in business is the freedom of time, money, energy, and spirit to be, do, experience, and have that which brings the most excitement and fulfillment in life.

But what do these things mean to you? For most freedompreneurs, the things that mean the most to them are a greater level of freedom, contribution, power, and prosperity in their business and in their lives.

In this training, we’ll discuss what freedom means to you and how to design your business for freedom acceleration.

Then, your assignment — should you choose to take it on — is to go out and design your freedom-driven business.

VIDEO: The Revenue Ratchet

Revenue RatchetWhen it comes to increasing your revenue, the first thing most entrepreneurs do is to work hard getting more clients and customers.

But all too often, they overlook other powerful alternatives.

If you’re interested in learning strategies to ‘ratchet up’ your revenue easier and faster, listen to and watch this special training session.

SPECIAL REPORT: Abandon Your Business Plan… If You Want to Take Your Business to the Next Level

image of Abandon Your Business Plan SPECIAL REPORTYes, you heard me right: “If you want to take your business to the next level, abandon your business plan.”

Have you ever gotten so fired up about growing your business (”I’m really gonna nail it this time!”) that you dove right in—spending hours and hours pouring your mind, heart, and soul into to writing up a business plan? Or, maybe you didn’t have any plan at all. But either way, written plan or not, it just didn’t work out.

So what went wrong?

Here’s the problem: Business plans look good on paper, but in the jungle of everyday business, they simply aren’t very practical. At least not in the format that is common for submission to financial institutions to secure capital funding.

Instead of a business plan, you and your business would be better served with a Strategic Action Plan.

This Special Report takes you through seven simple steps to more profit, more freedom, and lasting contribution through your business by using my Strategic Action Planning process.

SPECIAL REPORT: How the Sinking of a Great Battleship Can Help Make Your Business Better

In this dramatic story, you’ll learn a deceptively simple secret to aligning your passion and purpose with profit. It’s a deceptively simple lesson, but if you do the work in the exercise, you’ll open the doors to unlimited power and possibilities in your business and your life.

If you take this true story – from the naval battlefield of WWII – and apply it to your own life, it could change the way you approach your business for the rest of your life.

EZINE: The Freedompreneur Flight Plan

Freedompreneur Flight Plan

“Powerful strategies and tactics for accelerating your business growth, freedom, contribution, and prosperity”

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All of this information is designed to help you—the busy entrepreneur—focus on your top priorities, streamline and systemize your business, enhance your return on marketing investment, and enhance the value and quality of your products and services.Through my work at Freedompreneur Coaching & Consulting, I help motivated entrepreneurs take their businesses and lives to greater levels of freedom, contribution, and prosperity. The best way to appreciate the power of this approach is to get (and use) the Freedom Accelerator Pack and stay up-to-date with my electronic newsletter and blog.Just fill out and submit this simple form below, and you’ll get all of the elements of the Freedom Accelerator Pack listed above for FREE, just seconds from now.

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