What are YOU Willing to Fight for?


Last Monday I was really sweating it out. The colleagues of my mastermind group, all top entrepreneurs, had me on the grill. I had just finished telling them the UnReasonablegoals my two companies were going to achieve in 2011. And they weren't buying it.   One member of our group, Michael Margolis of Get Storied and the "Dean of … [Read more...]

The Problem with Free Introductory and Sample Sessions

If you’re a coach, consultant, or service professional, it’s possible that you offer some kind of free introductory session, sample session, or complimentary consultation. Indeed, this is the primary method of “marketing” taught in some coaching schools. It goes something like this: “Go offer free sample sessions to everyone you know. Ask them if … [Read more...]

Cutting-Edge Approaches to Getting More Clients in 2010

When it comes to getting more business, it's amazing how many coaches continue to "hunt" for new clients using the same strategies that were used 5-10 years ago! To be successful as a coach or consultant, you need four main skills: Coaching/consulting skills. Business skills. Marketing skills. Selling skills. In my experience and … [Read more...]