Is the “Competitive Advantage” Really An Advantage? The Case for “Collaborative Advantage”

When it comes to crafting your business’ marketing messaging and defining your position in the marketplace, a commonly encountered question is: “What is the ‘competitive advantage’ of your company?”

The traditional definition of “competitive advantage” is the way a company distinguishes itself by keeping an upperhand over other companies who offer similar products and services. It’s all about “survival of the fittest.”

Reverend Suzi Schadle from the Center for Spiritual Living Eastside in Bellevue, Washington (, once shared this direct experience of hers from when she was leading a workshop in a school.

She was working with kids from the ages of 5-6. She wanted to teach them to work as a team.

She split the students into smaller groups of several children. The exercise she gave them was to take a raw egg and then, using the supplies that were passed out, they were to build a container for the egg so that it could be dropped from a height of 6 feet without breaking the egg. No further instructions were given. (more…)